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Metal Railing

Steel Fabrication, Installation & Welding/Repair Service in Chicago, Illinois

Call on Kelco Construction, Inc., in Chicago, Illinois, your steel fabrication/installation and repair service professionals.

Steel Fabrication, Installation & Repair Service

You will receive speed and quality when you request our steel fabrication, installation, & metalwork repair services. Kelco Construction, Inc. takes pride in our service. We figure out installation and repair problems, and provide our customers with solutions! Custom jobs are welcomed at Kelco Construction, Inc. where Craftsmanship Is Our Legacy! Call us today for all your metalwork needs!

Count on our service for custom jobs like  DECKS, STAIRS, FENCES, BALCONIES, RAILINGS, GATE REPAIR, and BLACK IRON DUCT WORK! We also fabricate stair pans to customer specifications, and On-site welding is available!

Our Company

Kelco Construction, Inc. is a woman-owned company! Our craft for metalworking has been passed down through generations and began with welding on boats and ships in Ireland. Here in the states, we wanted to start a business doing what we love, so Kelco Construction, Inc. was born! There is nothing Kelco Construction, Inc. won't tackle. Give Kelco a try today!

Request a service from us in Chicago, Illinois, your professional metalworks fabrication/installation and repair service.